SOTA CW keyer + decoder (mini portable)

Dear radio fiends!

My goal was to have a portable CW keyer with memories beacon and cw decoder function, because I’m not a good CW operator. Of course it must be lightweight and small ass possible.

The requirement can not accept a large (or small display) and strong mechanical paddles. I decided to implement a touch keyer. Because I built lot of K3NG Arduino keyer it was in my focus, I have lot of experience with YACK, but it is not empowered with a CW decoder. I want to keep the design simple as can (KISS).

I have chosen the K3NG with touch keyer, memory, serial CLI and CW decoder option. To have a display for CW decoding I connected a bluetooth serial module to Arduino serial pins. Then my Android mobile can be the display for CW decoding and input for cw sending. An addition feature of android app is the macro function so I can use the app macro and keyer predefined memories for sending.

The keyer sending with a SMD transistor, soldered into a small piece of breadboard. One led indicates the CW receiving (DSP filtered) and another one the CW sending.

It is small an lightweight are you agree?

Thanks for reading!


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