Multi band pocket size QRP

Dear radio friends!

This project started as usual: just because I want to have a “new” pocket size QRP when climbing the mountains. So design rules was: KISS (keep it simple stupid), lightweight, do not need extra cables, batteries only just an antenna. Built in memory CW keyer, low power consumption in RX mode.

5w power with 5W amplifier is a proven solution. The rx is built with 3 pole christal filter two SA612 so it is a minimal configuration with really good performance on a SOTA walking 😀

I’m not inventor of cold water so Analog Devices DDS is in use for VFO, an arduino pro mini is the brain of the radio. Mini oled display more than enough on the front panel so let’s do it. There was lot of wooden model and time to time the was smaller with SMD devices.

The keyer is a YACK with touch sense code in another smd attiny13. The PCB is 3cm X 3cm. Touch sensors are hex-nuts on the front panel.

Pictures from first breadboard model trough signal clean up to finished radio. Pictures are missing only with installed battery, but you can easily imagine it 😉

It is working on 7,10,14,18MHz frequencies.

Thanks for reading!


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