microBITX / uBITX full extra desktop radio

Hello radio friends,

I’m decided to create a desktop version microBITX radio. Why it will be a full extra version? Because there will be an orange pi PC for remote control & digital mode operations in the box. It can be used for logging, control the antenna tuner and rotator, etcetera. Winkeyer 2.3 compatible keyer will be included also & a serial connected SWR meter.
My plan is to be enough room for improvement & features implemented in the future.
So first I fount an old digital voltmeter in my garage with a super large box. I’m in rebuilding the box as a “project box”.
Nextion display worked fine on my wooden model & I loved it, so keep in this version. Extra arduino with DSP code also worked well so it will be part of this version.
My plan is to change the final amplifier to kitandparts 5w amplifier. Of course not a kit, My built from scratch. https://kitsandparts.com/5W-A1-Amp.php .  This plan has not materialized so far but it is on my roadmap.
First step is clean up the interior and design a new front panel.

It was only a test with power switch, and nextion display.

Near to finish. The design created with libreoffice draw on my linux PC.

Let’s put power supply in it and power on. It seems like a radio, but not it is just illusion. 😉 the interior is most empty.

Radio Panels are designed with SMD devices, but full description will be published in another post. Designed with minicircuits DBM. Lot of modification implemented so it is a HA7MAC improved version.

Some arduinos are next. Radio control & SI5351 will be on top of the others. All soldered in to development boards.

So it is time to plan the internal layout.

After hard work the orange pi PC and smd panels start to work on RX mode.

Next step is to be alive with TX. The old wooden model PA unit inserted for testing and replaced with a new board after successful test.

The box closed but the screw isn’t in because I have plans for upgrade (SDR option, change the PA with better 5W PA, etcetera).

I keep you updated. Thanks for reading!

73 DX HA7MAC Gábor

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